Hike With Mike
Personal Development + Adventure + Self-Care

Join Mike on one of his EPIC hikes on the trails at  the Niagara Gorge.

Custom-made experiences tailored for each individual.

Book a 1/2 Day, a Full Day or a 2 Day Experience
Personal Development
  • Discovery 
  •  Clarity
  •  Awareness
  •  Contemplation
  •  Create Space
  •  Vision Planning

  •  Harness the power of the Niagara River
  •  Exploration (Body + Mind)
  •  Exercise
  •  Challenge yourself.  
  •  Push your limits
  •  Enjoy the surroundings
  •  Get lost

  • Rest & Relaxation
  •  Full access to amenities at White Oaks Resort (sauna, steam room, pool, showers)
  • Healthy Nourishment (food + drink)
  •  Connection with nature
  •  Improved Well-Being
You get a little bit of everything with this experience.

Invite greater balance to your life...

Who is this Mike & Why Would I Want to Hike With Him?
Mike began his career in 2000 working in the computer support department within the government. Mike was challenged everyday by working with a diverse group of people with unique problems. He was quickly promoted to positions with increasing responsibility and accountability as his ability to motivate and inspire others was easily recognized. Knowing he did not want to work with the government for the next 30 years, Mike started a successful real estate investment business where he would buy houses and rent them out to University and College students. 

In 2012, Mike was featured in the Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine. In his conversations with his student tenants, he found many of them were lost and confused about life. Mike went above and beyond as a landlord and helped them see a new perspective on life. Through his real estate investing, he discovered his natural skills and ability to coach and mentor others. He later went on to start a real estate investment coaching business to help others achieve financial success. It was obvious Mike had a passion for helping others.

Mike experienced his own personal shift from his busy lifestyle by scaling back on things and simplifying his life. He was able to step away from his role as a full time employee which allowed him to focus more on empowering and inspiring others through his life coaching business. Mike is a speaker, an author and a life coach who is driven to help people reach their full potential and live their best life. He focuses his coaching on helping people achieve their goals while maintaining a healthy balance in life. He walks his talk and lives by example. Mike’s journey has been an inspiration to many and he continues to share his experiences through his coaching, online blog, and weekly ‘Start Me Up’ newsletters. Working with Mike will help you push through your complacency and limiting beliefs to achieve maximum results.

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